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Mold Illness Recovery Coach


My Story: Overcoming Chronic Illness

I know what it's like to feel so sick it's hard to even think about working, cleaning your house or taking care of the kids. 

After 25 years as a dental hygienist, I had to quit my job in 2012 when my body finally crashed. I'd been pushing through annoying symptoms, chronic aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, and emotional ups and downs.


I was always working on my health but didn't know that due to emotional stress, toxin exposure, and hidden food sensitivities, I was fighting a losing battle. I'd just turned 50 and was ready to enjoy a fun life with my husband now that all our 4 kids were off on their own and we had more freedom. 

But one day I knew something was seriously wrong!  My list of symptoms had grown so big, it felt like every system in my body was failing. I was so constipated, nauseous, bloated, pale with dark circles under my eyes, dizzy, extremely tired, anxious, and had body-wide pain. 

I went to many conventional doctors trying to get answers. Most of them couldn't find anything wrong and just offered me anti-depressants and muscle relaxants. One doctor thought I had Crohn's disease but two other GI docs disagreed. Any medication I tried would make me sicker than before.


One day I decided that conventional medicine had nothing to offer me and so I made a vow to myself that I would find natural solutions to my health problems. By 2016, I was making good progress through major changes in my diet, learning how to meditate and manage my stress, getting out into nature and sunshine more often, and taking supplements based on findings on functional medicine lab tests. 

Just when I thought I was out of the woods, I had a major set back. Toxic mold entered my world! We experienced a roof leak, and even though the repairs were made, the moisture that got into the walls and window trim was enough to allow mold to grow that we couldn't even see...All my severe symptoms returned with a vengeance and new ones emerged as well. I was so dizzy and had so much brain fog that I was afraid to even drive. I even became bedridden for a while.

I am incredibly grateful that through collaboration with amazing women who were also suffering from mold, doing tons of reading and research, getting functional medicine training, and learning from two of the top mold illness physicians in California, I was able to gradually take all the steps necessary to heal from this devastating condition



Getting well takes time, but there is a way to get HEALTHY and HAPPY again with a step-by-step plan based on proven methods that have helped many others like you.

What I Do:

My experience with the horrors of learning that my dream home had become dangerous to my health, of becoming debilitated by an invisible mold toxin that we couldn't even smell, and then finding my way out of the despair and back to health, is what inspired me to bring this knowledge and this hope to other women who haven't found their way out yet.

Now I'm a Functional Health Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner. I help women suffering from mold illness to recover their health so that they can move past the trauma of mold and enjoy life again.


Through a comprehensive and clear, step by step program, I help you to prioritize the actions you need to take in order to create safe environments, to detoxify and repair your body, and to remove any emotional or energetic blocks that have prevented you from healing. 


I feel so privileged to coach people who are dealing with mold illness. Either over the phone or the Internet, I really enjoy educating and empowering women who are motivated to invest in their health and take the bold steps to get out of mold and out of being a sick person.

Who I work with:

People who are struggling with their recovery from mold illness (and often a list of other health issues that can accompany it).  They are smart and have done the research and are ready to take significant action to recover. They are determined to do whatever it takes to regain their health and to help their families as well. Many of them are sensitive and intuitive and prefer to work with practitioners who sympathize with their situation and have experienced first hand what they are going through.  


However, despite their strong motivation to get well, they are feeling overwhelmed and are doubting their abilities to make the best decisions about how to get out of mold and how to get rid of the toxins that are destroying their bodies and their minds. 

What we do together:

We work on a plan to get you and your family into environmentally safe conditions so that you have the best opportunity for true healing. We uncover and correct the imbalances in your body that have been created by mold toxins, as well as any other factors that have contributed to your health issues.


My job is to empower you with a clear roadmap that you can follow, one step at a time, that will get you to your goal of reclaiming your life and your joy.

Are you ready to become strong, healthy, and happy so you can live the joyful and fulfilling life you were meant for?

Ginny Miller, FDN-p

Functional Health Coach and

Energy Medicine Practitioner

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