Mold Ilness Recovery Coaching Program
        For women who are determined to get well

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You're ready to get your life back and fully recover from Mold Illness! 

You've done the research and you fully understand how serious this condition can be, but you feel overwhelmed by the conflicting opinions you've found on the internet about how to heal.

Feeling good in your body, having a home that you feel safe in, being able to live a normal life again without fear or anxiety. This is what you are working so hard to achieve. 


the brain fog caused by mold toxins has left you feeling unsure of your decision making abilities and your spouse might not even believe that mold illness is for real. You are feeling alone and confused. 

Whether you have started working with a mold illness trained physician or you are trying to recover on your own, you still wish you could get guidance from someone who could make the process more straight forward. 

You feel so traumatized by this experience of having your whole world turned upside down by mold, and the financial toll it has caused, that you wonder if you will have permanent PTSD from the insane ordeal!

Surviving Mold is the beginning of what we'd all like to see: an illness defeated and lives restored, all over the world. ~Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

What if you had a mold illness recovery expert by your side? Someone who has been through the ordeal and can guide you through the most effective way for you to get well, step by step. I am here to hold your hand and see you through the darkness that many of us experience with mold. 

My Mold Illness Recovery Coaching Program will help you:

  • Learn how to ensure that you are living and working in safe environments so that you can truly heal

  • Determine the best ways to detoxify your body for your specific needs

  • Regain mental clarity and improve your decision making abilities as the brain fog lifts

  • Put you on the road to feeling amazing in your body, so that you can move with ease and comfort

  • Create the conditions for your body to finally be able to get back to your ideal weight

  • Learn affective ways to feel calm and at ease through mind-body techniques like HeartMath®

  • Find ways to rewire your brain to overcome mold PTSD so that you can move on with your life

Recover your body and your mind, so you can have the fun and meaningful life you desire!

During our time together, we'll use investigative tools to look even deeper at some of the root causes that may have either contributed to your susceptibility to mold illness or that have been intensified by the exposure to

toxic mold. We will also identify any limiting beliefs, trapped negative emotions, or energetic blocks that

could be preventing your body from recovering and thriving. Most people have to address these factors on their healing journeys, otherwise that stay stuck and spend an enormous amount of money searching for answers.

We'll get to work, focusing on:

Creating safe environments -
We'll make sure the places you spend the most amount of time in have been properly tested for mold and other toxins. I'll help you learn how to get the proper remediation done or to move and get into a safer home/workplace/school.  I have the resources and referrals to share with you to ensure that these crucial first steps are performed correctly. 

Stopping the damage -

By finding the right toxin binders for your unique body, we can get the mycotoxins and heavy metals to leave your body and your brain. This crucial detoxification protocol needs to be done gently and at the right pace for each individual. Especially for the highly sensitive people. 

Repairing the damage -

After gathering clues from running 3 functional medicine lab tests for you, we will get to the root causes of any dysfunctions that have contributed to your susceptibility to mold illness or that have been made worse from the mold. We'll use a comprehensive coaching program to correct these imbalances and facilitate your healing.

Emotional and Energetic balancing -

Through a Bioenergetic Scan of your energy fields we can see where you might have energetic blocks or distortions. A thorough report of the healing opportunities for these energy flows will guide us to ways to correct the imbalances. We will also use an energy medicine modality known as The Emotion Code to identify and easily release trapped negative emotions that are blocking your healing. 

Stress Management - 

Stress keeps our bodies in fight, flight or freeze mode. We are unable to heal when our cortisol and adrenaline levels never have time to return to normal levels. You will discover ways to quickly and easily get out of anger, frustration, and overwhelm and into a state of inner ease and calmness. HeartMath® technology is one of the main modalities I will teach you for this. 

Remember, your life is waiting for you to reclaim it so you can be your most happy, healthy, and authentic self! Let's make it happen!

Functional Medicine Lab testing will give us clues that will guide your customized program.

During this initial 12 weeks together, we will decide on the 3 lab tests to run that will give us most useful information for your situation. We can choose from tests like Adrenal Stress and sex hormone profile, mold toxin levels in your urine, food sensitivities, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, organic acids, and gut health tests. The results of your 3 tests, along with an extensive initial client interview and intake session, will let us know where your body most needs support so that it has what it needs to heal.

Still wondering if this coaching program is for you?
  •  Are you done being in victim mode and ready to be empowered? 
  •  Are willing to do what it takes to get out of moldy buildings? 
  •  Are you ready to be coached and have the motivation and ability to  follow through with recommendations?
  •  Do you see the value in investing in your health for your long term  wellbeing and for the sake of your family?
If you've answered yes to these 4 questions, then this program is exactly what you've been looking for. I would love to talk to you more so we can see if its a good fit and I can let you know how I can help you reach your wellness goals. 
Let's start with a 30 minute free consultation 
After this call you will have clear action steps to take right away to start seeing better progress with your recovery.

Ginny Miller, FDN-p

Functional Health Coach and

Energy Medicine Practitioner

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