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How does the process work?

Step 1: Initial Free 30 minute Consult

Note: If you’re reading this page, you’ve likely already completed this step or you requested to see pricing before booking. Scroll down to step #2 if you’re ready to book the Jumpstart Your Healing Plan.

All clients begin with an initial 20-minute free consult. This is a “get acquainted” session. As you are scheduling this complimentary consult, you will be prompted to complete a brief initial intake. This intake will help me understand your current challenges, what you need, what you are hoping to get out of our work together, and if I am the best person to help you.

At the time of the consult, you'll be able to share with me your situation and learn about my approach. If we’re a good match and we decide to move forward, I will explain the  process involved in booking the Jump Start Your Healing Plan — which is the next step after this consult.

If we are not a good fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you find what you need.

Step #2:   2-Session Jumpstart Your Healing Plan/$450.00

Note: This introductory plan is a stand-alone service and is a required step for all new clients seeking comprehensive Functional Health consulting and Holistic Coaching services. After the Jumpstart plan, if you choose to pursue further services, you will choose a plan or service from below that best fits your needs.

When we work together in the Jumpstart Your Healing plan, here is what you can expect:

1. A personalized Energy Testing Assessment to help determine your root causes and the order in which your body prefers to address them in order to increase your energy, decrease inflammation, improve your gut issues and create a solid foundation for moving forward in your health

2. A personalized, introductory healing plan that will provide you with education, healing tools and practical action steps you can implement immediately. Included will be steps to optimize the foundational areas of health building, along with suggestions on how to eliminate or minimize your exposure to mold and other toxins.  

3. You and I will collaborate and give your case the time and attention it deserves so you can feel safe, supported, and validated as you continue on your healing journey.

4. Together, we’ll explore new perspectives and ideas for creating wellness so you can feel hopeful and inspired about the path forward

What’s all included in this Jumpstart Plan?

  • Functional health intake review: This intake will be sent to you upon booking this intro plan. This is to help me learn your full “story” and shed light upon what is going well as well as factors that may be keeping you stuck so I can better guide you in creating an effective plan that will help get you on the road to feeling better sooner

  • Review of past lab work: This is to provide clues about your case and help us both know what has already been looked at in terms of hidden bio-chemical and physiological stressors

  • Personalized initial energetic assessment: This is an energetic-based assessment that will be performed before the Strategy Session. It will serve as ancillary support to functional lab testing and investigative tools. This will help me to connect with your subconscious mind and energetic body to help identify and address hidden stressors that are keeping you stuck. To perform this assessment, I use muscle testing and a pendulum to help determine:

         * Your root causes and the order in which your body prefers to address them


         * Nutritional needs and food intolerances

         * Foundational supplement needs, which a part of this will be evaluating your current 

            supplements to explore whether or not they are the best match for your body

  •  Strategy Session: This will be a 1:1 personalized coaching session between 90 minutes - 2 hours in    length that includes the following:​                   


         * Part I: 10 minute presentation about restoring cellular function


         * Part II : Synopsis and review of your Functional Health Intake and past lab work if there is any


        * Part III: Synopsis of and discussion around your Personalized energetic assessment as              well as additional energetic testing if deemed necessary

        * Part IV: Discuss your personalized introductory healing plan and preliminary action                  steps

  •  A personalized, introductory healing plan that includes:
  • ​A list of your priorities: This is to help you get organized and gain clarity around what to focus on now

  • A 3 to 6 month game plan

  • A longer-term, 12+ month game plan

  • A list of recommendations for lab assessments that would be most strategic for your case moving forward: This list will provide you with suggestions for cutting-edge Functional Health labs to support further identification of hidden stressors in the areas of blood chemistry, gut health, hormones, detoxification, energy production, and immune function. * I only recommend lab testing when the results from the test will affect my protocol recommendations

  • Bio-individualized, bite-sized, and practical action steps to implement right away: These action steps will be based on the 3 to 6 month game plan and will support priorities in the areas of diet, rest, exercise, mental and emotional stress reduction, detoxification, and targeted supplementation. These steps will provide you with a framework to help begin creating a solid foundation for healing. 

  • Supportive materials: You’ll receive handouts, checklists, audio files, or other supports that will help you to implement the action steps we developed during the coaching session. The materials will help you to stay on track and serve as a reminder of all that we discussed on the call.

  • 1-hour follow-up consultation: This will take place within 3-6 weeks of the Strategy Session and allow us to check-in on how you did with the action steps from the Strategy Session, address any questions or concerns you may have, and discuss next steps for moving forward if you choose.

Total Investment: $450.00

Note: the price of any suggested supplements or recommended functional lab investigations (to do in the future in you decide to move forward after the Jumpstart Your Healing Plan) are not included in the price of this plan.

Are You Interested In Working With Me?

Are you ready to get started on creating a new plan for a healthier, happier you? If so, GREAT!

As explained, the next step for all new clients seeking a comprehensive approach is the JUMPSTART YOUR HEALING PLAN; which you will book by following the steps below.

STEP 1: Purchase The Jumpstart Your Healing Plan using the button at the bottom of this page.

STEP 2: Upon purchasing, please schedule the Strategy Session right away. The Follow-up needs to be scheduled within 2-4 weeks of the Strategy Session, and you will be able to schedule this from inside my client management portal once you accept the invite. (see step #3)

STEP 3: Upon booking, you will be sent an invite (via email) to join my client management portal: Practice Better. Please accept this invite and complete the portal signup process as soon as possible. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

Once you become a part of this portal, ALL correspondence will take place within this portal inside of the messaging system and ALL future consults will be scheduled through here as well.  I ONLY respond to messages sent to me via this portal. I do NOT use email for communicating with clients.

Because of this, you will need to bookmark this link on your computer (www.practicebetter.io) There is also a phone app for Practice Better that I highly recommend you to download because then you can easily schedule and send me messages through your smart phone.

STEP 4: Complete the Functional Health intake and all other required documents and waivers that are sent to you via the portal no later than 3 days prior to your scheduled Strategy Session. Failure to do this step will result in the Strategy Session needing to be rescheduled to a later date.

STEP 5:  Upload Recent & Relevant Lab Results:

Please scan as PDF's and upload any lab results you have from the last 6 months (no older) into the portal at least 1 week prior to your Strategy Session.  Lab results uploaded later than this will not be reviewed.

Be sure to name the lab, indicate the month and year, and include your full name.  For example: ThyroidPanelAug2019JaneDoe

To upload lab results:

1.  Click on the document tab on the left side of your portal

2.  Use the red upload button that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your portal.

STEP 6: On the day of your Strategy Session, you will join the session using the Zoom Video link that will have been provided to you within your confirmation emails. Note: We will NOT be using the video interface inside of the portal as it is not reliable. 

I am confident that I can bring tons of value to your health and life restoration journey! I look forward to connecting and helping you figure out your health puzzle so you can be the best version of yourself and live the vibrant, engaged life you want and deserve!

I look forward to working with you!   🦋  

Ginny Miller, FDN-p

Functional Health Coach and

Energy Medicine Practitioner

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