Reversing Cognitive Decline Coaching Program

I have been trained and certified by Dr. Dale Bredesen in this ground breaking, comprehensive holistic program that he developed after nearly 30 years of research in the area of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease. 

If you or your loved one suspects cognitive decline or even Alzheimer's Disease, the best place to start is with what Dr. Dale Bredesen calls a "Cognoscopy". This is a series of tests to evaluate your status and the type of Cognitive Decline you may have. Dr. Bredesen has put together a program called The Recode Report that you can purchase through his website which will allow you to take all the preliminary tests and share the report with your doctor. To learn more, click on the button below.

Once you have done all the screening tests and have chosen a Bredesen trained physician to work with, I can guide you or your loved one through the holistic and comprehensive Bredesen program. However, if you are not able to see a physician yet and would like my support in starting the general recommendations, please schedulecomplementary 30 minute consultation with me to learn how I can help you reach your brain health goals with my 90 day coaching program, "The Empowered Brain". Dr. Bredesen highly recommends working with a health coach to set yourself up for success with the lifestyle and diet changes that are often necessary to get your desired results for a vibrant, healthy, and mentally sharp brain!

If you would like to know more about the science that led to the development of this first of it's kind protocol to Reverse Cognitive Decline, I highly recommend you get Dr. Bredensen's book, "The End Of Alzheimer's".


Ginny Miller, FDN-p

Functional Health Coach and

Energy Medicine Practitioner

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